Orthopaedic Surgery

Medicover Hospital offers a wide range of musculoskeletal surgeries, focusing on the knee joint and the lesions of the hand.

What cases belong to the field of orthopedics?

Orthopedics is a medical discipline, specialized in the congenital and acquired anomalies of the musculoskeletal system. Its area of treatments is for joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles of the shoulder, knee, hip, knee, ankle, hand and wrist, toes and fingers.

Orthopedic surgeries meant to diagnose and treat surgically the developmental anomalies and the acquired or inborn musculoskeletal morbidities, in order to relieve and dissolve the pain and to restore the anatomical conditions.

What is arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure for diagnosing and treating joint problems. The procedure allows the surgeon to see inside the joint without making big incisions.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes 2-3 small incisions around the joint, and he inserts a narrow tube attached to a fiber-optic video camera. He can detect the condition of the joint on a high-definition screen. Arthroscopy is not only for diagnosing, it allows also to treat some joint damages at the same time.

Arthroscopy is performed on the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, hip, and wrist to treat damaged or torn cartilage, inflamed joint linings, loose bone fragments, joint infections, torn ligaments.

Why choose Medicover Hospital for your orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgeries at Medicover Hospital are performed by the leading orthopedic surgeons of Hungary, in state-of-the-art, fully equipped operating rooms. We use the most cutting-edge procedures in order to minimize the inconveniences, caused by the surgery, and to shorten the time of recovery.

We are aware, that time matters a lot, if the complaint causes serious pain, therefore we provide a surgical date for arthroscopy and total knee replacement in 2 weeks, after the first consultation.

Our hospital offers an exclusive, pleasant atmosphere for the time of recovery in air-conditioned, single bedrooms. Each room has its own private bathroom, equipped with TV, fridge, and free Wi-Fi access. To quicken the recovery, our nurses provide all day care during your stay.

Am I a good candidate for an orthopedic surgery?

At Medicover Hospital, we focus on the preliminary examinations first. We believe, that the pledge of a successful orthopedic surgery is the careful medical check-up. At our hospital, it is mandatory to have at least one appointment with the surgery practitioner and the anesthetist before the surgery. These consultations contribute to creating a personalized treatment plan with the most suitable procedures and your doctor can answer personally all your questions about the surgery.

We know each case is unique and need special attention. If your orthopedist recommended you a surgery, get in touch with our Medical Tourism Managers and ask for a personal consultation with one of our specialist. After sending all your medical findings, we will provide you a date for the first consultation and we offer a possible date for your surgery too.

For the first consultation, please bring all your medical findings with you: MRICT or X-ray recordings, and specialist’s reports. Our orthopedists will review them and if any other examination is recommended before the surgery, our advanced diagnostic center allows to get results quickly, in place.