Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) for you to get a better picture about your visit to our hospital.

Do not hesitate to contact our Medical Tourism Managers via telephone or e-mail to book an appointment at our hospital. If you prefer you can easily submit your enquiry online as well, which will always be responded within 24 hours on weekdays.

Make sure you have your passport or identity card with you. Please bring a copy of all your medical reports that refer to your previous medical history and a list of your medications and dosages that you are currently taking. Please visit Before you travel page for more information.

No, you do not need to have GP referral, but it is always good if you have one.

When you are asking for an appointment at Medicover Hospital, please provide your name (as shown on your ID/Passport), ID or Passport number, Date of birth, your present address and contact details (phone number, email address).

No, a medical consultation is always needed before any surgery at Medicover Hospital. Before you surgery you will meet:

  • our surgeon to discuss your surgical treatment, before and aftercare

  • our internist and anesthesiologist who examine your physical status and overall condition, on basis of some further examinations (e.g. blood test, X-rayCT scanMRI scanultrasound) they referred the will decide if your physical status and condition is suitable to undergo surgery

Yes, at Medicover Hospital maximum one accompanying person can stay in your hospital room for special fee. Your Medical Tourism Manager will help you to book a room in one of our partner hotels for other your accompanying relative(s) or friend(s).

This consultation is usually performed one day prior to your surgery between you and your anesthesiologist and internist in order to make a thorough clinical assessment. The goal is to identify eventual clinical problems on time, which can modify the perioperative/anesthesia care as well as to make alternative plans for the anesthesia care.

During a surgical consultation you will meet your surgeon who will examine you, review your records and recommend a course of treatment or further studies to diagnose based on your symptoms and examination results.

For additional information about our prices and costs please contact our Medical Tourism Managers. They would be happy to provide you further details and information.

The official currency in Hungary is Forint (HUF), but we only accept cash payment in EURO (€) or in British Pounds () as well. All major credit/debit cards are accepted at Medicover Hospital without extra charge: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard Express, American Express and JCB. Please note that our hospital charges the Patient’s card in Hungarian Forints, using the daily exchange selling rate of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB). Interbank rates are different which will be shown on your bank statement. For payments with credit card, please ensure that you have sufficient funds and please bring your credit card with you when you attend the appointment.