About Hungary and Budapest

About Hungary

What shall I know about this small country in the heart of Europe? Below you’ll find some interesting information you’ll find useful when you’re planning how you will spend your time here.

Wine regions

Ever tried the Bull’s Blood of Eger? Well, if you are a fan of quality wine, you can sign up to a wine tasting tour to get more familiar with Hungary’s five large wine regions, enjoy their products and maybe even take a bottle or two home. The traditions of wine making date back to the Roman times, so Hungarian wine culture became a national heritage every Hungarian is proud of. As a refresher, you may try different varieties of wine mixed with sparkling water.


For those more interested in the active ways of relaxation, we recommend checking out the oldest walking path in Europe. With its total length of 1130 km, this path is called the National Blue Trail. The tour is divided into several shorter sections which you can take individually if you’d like to discover wonderful villages, medieval ruins or even spent volcanos along your journey. The tour is accessible for the public free of charge.


May it be craft beer, cheese, sausage, chocolate, wine, pumpkin, chestnut or fish soup – Hungary has a festival dedicated to literally everything. Smaller venues are taking place every day in and outside the capital, but the real festival high-season begins in May. Until late September, large music festivals are being held countrywide with the biggest one still being the famous Sziget Fesztivál in Budapest.


Fancy some traditional Hungarian goulash? Hungry for a rich hot plate of stuffed cabbage? Hungarian meals are rich in flavour, spices and –let’s be honest- often in fat too. But once you’re here, you must make sure you don’t miss out these iconic dishes. A pack of good quality paprika is a great souvenir you can take home or just use yourself for preparing authentic Hungarian meals at home. These pleasures are not necessarily guilt-free, but why not enjoy a slice of Dobos cake after an entire day of sightseeing?

Folk culture

Did you know you don’t need to book concert tickets to enjoy Hungarian folk music? It is quite common to listen to live musicians while enjoying a delicious meal for dinner in one of the famous Hungarian restaurants. These bands are usually performing mainly traditional instrumental peasant music, folk songs, and military recruitment songs from the 19thcentury. The music genres range from heart-warming songs to tight rhythm dances so there is a good song for any occasion.

Folk art

When walking on the most frequented streets on any bigger Hungarian city, one can find various pieces of clothing, drapery or ceramics with a rich colourful floral decoration. If you love folk art, you’ll surely fall in love with this so-called ‘kalocsa pattern’. You may wish to discover other varieties of Hungarian folk art at the Museum of Ethnography that is located right in front of the Parliament building in Budapest where you can purchase authentic pieces of folk art at reasonable costs.

About Budapest, capital of Hungary

Budapest’s fascinatingly beautiful harmony is primarily due to its geographical location. In geographical descriptions, the Danube – Duna – should primarily mentioned, which crosses through the city from the north-to-south direction, separating the plain Pest from the hilly area of Buda.

The atmosphere of Buda is primarily determined by the Buda Hills.

Caste Hill has steep sides and flat top on which Buda Castle, the Matthias Church, and the Fishermen’s Bastion tower over the Danube is located.

Perhaps the most picturesque hill of the city is Gellért Hill, with its water fall, the St. Gellért statue and the Citadel, next to which the Liberation Monument attracts attention. The spectacle is unforgettable, but very few places rival Budapest at night, when it is fully illuminated.

Beautiful Budapest is the venue of numerous congresses, international meetings, sport competitions and cultural events, with its developed infrastructure, elegant lines of shops and modern hotels, it is justifiably described as one of the most beautiful capitals of the world.

HUNGARY, BUDAPEST - MAY 21, 2018: Interior of the famous Szechenyi medicinal bath with people relaxing indoors. This place is the largest bath in Europe with thermal springs

Thermal baths

Hungary abounds in medicinal waters. There are about 80 thermal springs in Budapest alone. Part of these springs was already utilized by the Romans and the Turks who built baths on the Buda side, which are still in use. The water of the springs contains dissolved minerals and salts, which are beneficiary in the treatment of various ailments. The most visited thermal baths are Gellért, Szechenyi, Lukacs and Rudas.


As a result of the continental climate, heat waves are frequent in the summer, while in the winter the temperature can reach -5 C. Describe the fact that the summer is the peak tourist season, the wonderful summer months can be extremely attractive for dental holiday – makers who are not too keen on heat, and  then ”Indian summer” at the end of October is also popular, which brings a lot of sunshine and pleasant, summery weather.



May it be affordable street food, traditional kitchen or fine dining – Budapest is an excellent source of gastronomic pleasures even for the ones who are visiting the city to get dental treatment done. Similarly to the biggest European capitals – Budapest offers a large variety of dining options.

Tourists with a moderate budget will easily find the wide range of unique street food stands astonishing. The 5th, 6th and 7th districts are well known for their colourful variety of affordable, yet tasty and filling snacks you’ll not be able to find in any other corner of the world. In the past few years, many young startuppers decided to introduce entirely new meals to their customers including sausages in a crusty bread cone, deep fried dough balls with different flavoured sauces and bagel-like pastries stuffed with sweet or savoury fillings.

Budapest also offers fine dining options with 5 Michelin star restaurants for the ones with the most refined taste –and a thicker wallet. For the ones who seek the true and authentic Hungarian dishes, we recommend to visit one of the many traditional restaurants in Budapest where they can try the well-known Hungarian goulash, fisherman’s soup or a tasty beef stew with dumplings together with some good quality red wine.


Once you have made your reservations for your dental holiday in Budapest, make sure to fill your diary up with some cultural programmes. Wonder around in the National Gallery in the Castle area or the Museum of fine arts if you are a fan of classical artwork, or discover the permanent exhibition at the Ludwig Museum for its contemporary masterwork collection. Book a ticket to the Opera House to enjoy some classical music or a ballet performance or visit the Palace of Arts for a good jazz concert to celebrate the excellent outcome of your dental treatment.

If you are a fan of smaller galleries of modern art, we highly recommend to take a walk along Bartók Béla Rd from Szt. Gellért Sq. to Móricz Zsigmond Sq and see if you can find something there to fit your taste.

The Museum of Applied Arts offers not only a large collection to enjoy, but the building itself is a pleasure to just look at.

Night Life

Starting with the late 2000’s, Budapest slowly started to become the beating heart of Central Europe night life. When the night falls, the city, especially the 5th, 6th and 7th districts, transforms into a socialite’s heaven with the countless numbers of pubs, wine bars, craft beer bars and dance clubs. From spring to autumn, hundreds of open-air venues are welcoming guests from all corners of the world and the streets are filled with cheerful tourists and local people enjoying their time with affordable drinks in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Budapest is well known for its so-called ‘ruin bars’. The trend of creating a creatively designed pub inside abandoned old buildings started about 10 years ago and hasn’t stopped ever since. The charming retro décor creates an atmosphere so unique no one will ever forget.


The current image of Budapest shows a very diverse architectural profile, representing the various influences throughout the centuries. There aren’t many more cities where one can easily find ruins from the Roman era as well as renessaince, or classicist buildings.

It is well worth visiting the National Museum on Múzeum Körút. or the Lutheran Church at Deák Ferenc Sq. if you are a classicism-enthusiast. For baroque-lovers the Royal Palace or the famous Széchenyi Bath may be a visual treat for long hours. The Budapest Zoo, the above mentioned Museum of applied arts and the Academy of Music are beautiful examples of the Art-Noveau style, while Király and Rudas Baths are memorials of the Ottoman Turkish invasion of Hungary during the 16th-17th centuries.

During your stay, make sure not to miss a nice long walk on the riverbank to see the famous view of the most beautiful bridges you will find in Europe. There are numerous guided walking tours to help you experience the true beauty of the city in its fullness.


Unlike many other European cities, Budapest is one of the most affordable places you can spend some time in. It is not only the affordable dental treatments that is a good reason to visit this city for.

If you are a shopping-enthusiast, you’ll find this place a paradise to stuff your suitcases – or maybe even to buy bigger ones for your way back home. We highly recommend you to visit the Central Market at the Pest side of Szabadság bridge where you can buy some typical Hungarian spices, bottles of good quality wine or pieces of folk art. This vibrating place is also a good one to buy your daily fruit or even to have a nice lunch at. The nearby Váci street is a great source of Hungarian souvenirs for your friends & family. If you’d like to refresh your wardrobe, you should try some small second-hand stores for lovely clothes and accessories for the fracture of their original value. If you are having some cosmetic dental treatment done with us, boost the result by getting a nice new haircut for a really affordable price – just make sure to be available for your dentist appointment!

If you’d like to read more about Budapest, feel free to visit http://www.budapest.com/ which can be your best source of information during your stay.

Dear Customers,

we would like to inform you that our Clinics will be closed on August 20th and 21st.


Dear Customers,

we would like to inform you that our Clinics will be closed on August 20th and 21st.