Medical Tourism Managers

At Medicover Hospital it is very important for us to know that all our patients leave our clinic satisfied. To ensure that foreign patients feel safe and at home in Hungary, we provide a dedicated Medical Tourism Manager for each patient.

Your Medical Tourism Manager will assist you with the following tasks throughout the process:

Before your visit:

  • prepare a detailed cost estimation for the required treatment for you
  • consult with the doctor regarding your case
  • arrange and confirm your appointments
  • assist with accommodation booking
  • answer any additional questions

During your visit:

  • greet you when you arrive to the clinic
  • discuss your schedule, treatment plan, and any changes that might occur after the first consultation
  • book any additional appointments that might be needed
  • assist with any ad hoc requests
  • provide translated documents if necessary

After your visit:

  • consult with the doctor regarding your case if any postoperative complications arise
  • provide you with medical documents if they arrive after your visit (e.g. biopsy results)

Our Medical Tourism Managers are eager to answer all of your questions regarding surgeries and treatments:



Contact us via any of the following methods:

Telephone:+36 20 282 41 83

E-mail address:

Just 4 easy steps: Nothing is easier than to have your medical trip for surgery at Medicover Hospital in Budapest, Hungary!