Medicover in Hungary

Medicover in Europe

Medicover is the leading private healthcare provider in Central and Eastern Europe since 1994 focusing outpatient and inpatiens medical services and health insurance.

The Medicover group, as the region’s largest private sector employer of medical professionals, now provides professional health care in several countries operating more than 100 medical clinics and hospitals.

Medicover’s mission is to provide the highest quality, professional knowledge and commitment in order to offer cost-effective healthcare solutions with ISO certificated level of.

Medicover in Hungary

Medicover is present in Hungary since 1998 with its first Medicover Clinic opened in Budapest. By now Medicover Hungary provides a wide spectrum of healthcare services of almost 38 specialities in three outpatient clinics and an exclusive hospital with advanced imaging centre in Budapest and six outpatients clinics in the countryside.

Hungary’s largest private outpatient healthcare centre, Medicover Eiffel Clinic, has started its operation in 2012 next to the Nyugati Railway Station, in the very heart of Budapest. In 2013 another exclusive outpatient clinic, Medicover Alkotás Point Clinic in Buda, has opened housing 25 medical exam and consulting rooms. We are proud to tell that Medicover has grown to a countrywide professional medical service network.

Exclusive Hospital abroad at reasonable price

Medicover proudly presents its exclusive hospital housing an advanced imaging centre in downtown Budapest offering welcoming and exclusive environment as always, with comprehensive in- and outpatient medical services.

We provide a wide range of healtcare services, ranging from consultations and exams to complex orthopaedic, general, ear-nose-throat and vascular surgeries at a reasonable price. Our ISO 9001 certified hospital and imaging centre provides the highest EU recognized quality to the patients from all over the word.

Advanced Imaging Centre

Our advanced imaging centre (located in our hospital) provides top quality diagnostic imaging provided by its modern CT and MRI scanners at site, offering comfort and reliability during the examination.

Siemens SOMATOM Scope CT scanner in Medicover Advanced Imaging Centre

Our SOMATOM Scope CT scanner manufactured by Siemenes is the world’s fastest tomography device providing excellent image details that is necessary for the diagnosis of medical disorders prior to surgical procedure.

SIEMENS Magnetom MRI scanner in Medicover Advanced Imaging Centre

Our SIEMENS Magnetom MRI scanner is one of the most advanced diagnostic devices. This equipment provides images of entire human body with optimum resolution and high quality.

General Imaging Centre

Our general imaging centre provides x-ray (diagnostic radiography) and ultrasound diagnostics.

We use Philips Bucky Diagnost TH X-ray that makes perfect dimensional images to quickly confirm the presence or the absence of injury or any medical disorder. Our ultrasound devices assist to identify injury or structural abnormality in different part of the body.

Endoscopy Centre

In the endoscopy centre of our hospital diagnosis of digestive system diseases is provided by efficient medical imaging, i.e. gastroscopy and colonoscopy. All examinations – under general anaesthesia – of organs belonging to the digestive system of the human body are made by our high-trained and experienced team of doctors. The friendly and professional environment of the endoscopy centre ensures painless and safe treatment for our patients.

Gastroscopy is a perfect imaging procedure to diagnose the disorders of esophagus (a.k.a gullet), stomach, pancreas, peritoneum and the first section of the small intestine. In addition, gastroscopy is not only good for investigate conditions such as stomach ulcers but also for treating some problems, like providing nutrients, stop bleeding inside the stomach and to remove polyps and other abnormal growth.

Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the large bowel and the distal part of small intestine. It is the best and most reliable medical imaging procedure to find, and in some cases, to remove abnormalities of colon, like polyps, ulcers, area of imflammation and bleeding. It is also useful when tissue samplesor abnormal growth has to be collected (biopsy) for laboratory tests.