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May 2019

"I recommend to everyone"

"Swedish health insurance company operating a hospital and health centre with a wide range of paid health services rendered to companies and private individuals. Medicover works efficiently and quickly compared to Hungarian State Health Service. Visitors can get appointment over the phone. The clinical findings are sent over the Internet. It was the first time I connected this institution and I recommend to everyone who would like to enjoy professional and attentive health service. – review on Google Maps."

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November 2018

"The clinic great, the surgery went perfect"

"We did FESS, septoplasty and nasal mucotomy at the Medicover clinic in Budapest. We found the clinic great, the surgery went perfect as well as two-days hospitalization. Special thank to Dr. Szabó, Anikó and nurses. Each of them spoke English and we did not have any communication problem. Reasonable price for a very good quality service. – review on Bookimed."



October 2018

"Thank you for your superb and highly professional service"

"I would like to thank everyone I encountered at Medicover for the superb and highly professional service that they provided to me. I have only the highest opinion of everyone concerned. I had been scheduled for cataract surgery by a US based physician. After a battery of tests at Medicover, it turned out that I could put off the surgery for a while longer and correct the situation with new lenses. They promptly refunded the full amount of the surgery. I would be more than happy to highly recommend the hospital and their services to all my friends and relatives! by Fred on Medigo"



October 2018

"All the way through everything was explained to me, even at every stage of my eye surgery"

"Excellent service and treatment. The staff were all very attentive and helpful. Beautiful hospital with all the latest equipment. I came here to have replacement lens surgery so I could get rid of my glasses. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. Upon arrival every time, we waited no more than 10-15 minutes to be seen. The nurses were lovely and the surgeon was brilliant. All the way through everything was explained to me, even at every stage of my eye surgery. After only 2 days I am already able to read my book! Aniko, the customer services lady is so helpful, even arranging free transport for us. I would not hesitate to return for other treatments."



September 2018

"I’ve had a couple of procedures done here now and I’m very satisfied"

"I found this clinic after doing some research online. I went to them for an ENT treatment. I’ve had a couple of procedures done here now and I’m very satisfied. Medicover is a professional hospital. I’ve completed all my aftercare and follow-ups. Didn’t experience any pain. It was all fine."



September 2018

"Everything was done to very high standards, communication was always easy and fast"

"I had a colonoscopy done as a preventative diagnostic because of family history. There were no polyps but they would have been removed if present. From initial consultation with the doctor to the procedure took three days in Budapest. A translator was on hand when needed. Everything was done to very high standards, communication was always easy and fast. I will come back when it is time to do one again. The cost was 490 EUR which was 170 for the initial consultation, 30 for a blood test and 290 for the colonoscopy. Biopsy of any material removed would have been 30EUR per sample if needed. Excellent all round from initial communication via email to being picked up at the airport and treated. Costs were precisely as set out via email at the beginning. English was well spoken by all the staff I dealt with and Aniko the translator and coordinator were wonderful. The clinic is easy to get to and in a nice area. I walked up from the city centre a couple of times, but the metro or taxi was also easy."



August 2018

"I do not even know how to thank you"

"I am very relieved to finally know what is really probably causing my pain. After long three years I was truly sick of listening that it is all in my head. :) I don’t even know how to thank you for all that you’ve done to me, my family, my future etc. Now I can go optimistically in the right way. And you dear Anikó, you truly are an angel. Thank you for all and I am also very glad that I got you to guide me through all of that with such a patience, kindness and warmth. :) Of course I will give an opinion for others to maybe make their decision easier when searching for the right treatment. And thank you for the results. I wish you all the best in life and stay as you are, because you are the best sort of manager that all patients hope for."



June 2018

"At least 7 points on a 6 scale"

"The attitude of the doctors and nurses is at least 7 points on a 6 scale. No matter what I asked for, meds, tea or bandage replacement, they helped immediately. I had no pain at all on the next day of my EVLA surgery. Thank you for everything!"



June 2018

"Competent care"

"I’m completely satisfied with the service. I received competent care, all my questions were answered before and after the operation and the staff did an extraordinary job. Thank you for the exceptional care."



June 2018

"I’m thankful for this exceptional attendance"

"Everything was perfect, thank you. My surgery was covered by a corporate health insurance, but I would choose Medicover’s services privately as well. I’m thankful for this exceptional attendance, it contributed a lot to my fast recovery."



June 2018

"I’m really satisfied with the positive, humane attitude"

"I’m really satisfied with the service, the positive humane attitude of the staff. Thank you for everything."



June 2018

"Nice, thoughtful, and helpful staff"

"The staff was nice, thougthful and really helpful. The kindness of the nurse made me forget the stress before the surgery and even the anesthetist visited me two times to ask about my condition after the operation."



May 2018

"Best choice in every way."

"Thank you for everything! The Clinic was the best choice and I will recommend it to others."



May 2018

"I felt good in the patient room."

"Even though I came to an intervention, I felt good in the patient room. They were very attentive in every aspect. I got all the information I needed."



May 2018

"I am very satisfied"

"I’m very pleased, especially with the inpatient care. Their doctors are well prepared and polite, I can only recommend the Clinic!"



April 2018

"An impressive Organisation to which I hold in high regard"

"It’s been just over three weeks since my operation, so I feel I can leave a review now.

For many years I had issues with my sinus (post nasal drip, runny nose, difficulty breathing through my nose), using various medications and methods that may initially help, but ultimately didn’t work and I guess I lost faith. I went for consultations in Ireland but was less than impressed, both public and private. I go to Budapest for work occasionally and having had dental treatment there I was really happy with the standards. Having done some research I contacted Medicover in Budapest.

I initially went for a consultation, approx. three weeks before the operation, the offices were modern and the equipment state of the art (I believe it’s only open a few years), the people working there were also nice and welcoming with a good level of English. As part of my consultation, I initially had a CT scan on my sinus, just to see the areas of blockage and air flow and check for any deviations in my septum.

Afterwards Dr. Szabó, an affable man, who was my ENT Consultant and ultimately my Surgeon. He looked at the CT scan and also examined me using an Endoscope and diagnosed enlarged turbinate’s, diseased Maxillary Sinus and a Deviated Septum. The recommendation was FESS, a Mucosectomy (Turbinectomy) and corrective surgery for my deviated septum.

After a period of thought and also comparing my CT scan (they give you a copy) with Google images related to the diagnosis and procedures, everything pretty much added up.

I arrived the day before surgery to complete various tests – Anesthesia consultation, blood tests, EKG, chest x-ray etc. The following morning I arrived for surgery. I wasn’t particularly nervous before, I knew it was something that would really help me and had confidence in my surgeon and his colleagues, so I was at peace (my pulse readings were normal just before surgery).

Post-surgery is not much fun, but not too inconvenient. I stayed in the hospital for two nights during which time I had silicone implants and had to wear this nose mustache thing, so it was uncomfortable, but not particularly painful. The private room was perfectly adequate and the nurse and nighttime staff really nice.

On leaving the hospital Dr. Szabó removed the implants and provided some prescriptions, I stayed in Budapest for another 4 days (you shouldn’t fly too soon afterward) and went for a check-up, and following that returned home. It takes time to fully heal, and I will have been using saline rinses (really helps) and am just about to start using a nasal spread as per my surgeon’s recommendation.

In conclusion, I can now breathe through my nose since I don’t know when like there are new passages where air can go. As opposed to blowing my nose every hour it now rarely happens and I can no longer feel phlegm in the back of my throat.

I have the greatest respect for Dr. Szabó, I think a great surgeon and also a lovely man, not to mention the others working there from the receptionists to the nurses to the customer service, an impressive Organisation to which I hold in high regard."



January 2018

"The clinic was exquisite and modern; the physician and all staff absolutely wonderful"

"A colonoscopy in the USA is unacceptably expensive for a self pay patient. There are no acceptable alternatives in the USA. Medicover offered a superior service, totally affordable, in a modern facility. I felt safe, secure and totally cared for on every side. My recovery was smooth and I was even given a cab ride to and from my apartment. The physician explained her training, medical school in Hungary and internship at Tulane University in the USA. I will continue to receive as much health care as I can in Budapest. This service provided perhaps the best health care I have had in my life, including private spaces without other patients around me- all for 616 dollars!"

Bruno & Carine


December 2017

"Good as described"

"Very professional staff, brand new clinic and material. Clinic located perfectly close to Budapest old center – perfect for both tourism and healthcare. We recommend highly."



December 2017

"Full body MRI + orthopedic appointment + knee scan"

"The doctor was good, the staff friendly, the client-manager was a really good guy! :)"



November 2017

"Short waiting time, flexibility"

"I had metatarsal bone fracture last month, which was treated at Medicover Hospital. I would like to say thank you for Gyula Stajer M.D. for his professionalism and humane attitude. I left with really positive experiences, I wish the same high level, professional treatment for everyone."



October 2017

"I’m grateful for fate"

"I’m grateful for fate that my accidental knee injury was treated here, at Medicover Hospital.  László Bodó M.D. diagnosed my injury accurately and prepared the arthroscopic surgery with endless professionalism."



September 2017

"Short waiting time, flexibility"

"Short waiting time, flexible timing, cheerful receptionists, profound, accurate doctors and exceptional environment. Thank you!"



September 2017

"We have been highly satisfied!"

"I would like to thank once again for the help in the preliminary assistance for your colleagues and the staff! We have been highly satisfied and in case health problems arise we will contact Medicover with confidence."



August 2017

"I'm totally satisfied with everything"

"I’m totally satisfied with everything, I had no problem neither with the services nor the atmosphere! "



August 2017

"Thank you very much!"

"I received complete information and support on all consultations. Thank you very much! "