COVID-19 Safety Measures at Medicover Hospital Hungary

Your Safety First

In these very challenging times for all of us, our Hospital must do everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our patients, staff, and visitors.

Therefore, we set strict sanitary rules in our Hospital that we would like to ask you to kindly follow during your stay.

What we ask from you


Before your arrival, our Medical Tourism Manager contacts you to inform you about our sanitary rules and ask specific questions about your current health condition.

In order to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and to protect fellow staff and patients, it is essential to take every precaution to ensure that anyone entering our Hospital has been symptom-free for two weeks.

Upon arrival, until the end of the pandemic situation, our trained medical staff welcomes you at the entrance: they brief you verbally on our protocols, ask you questions about your health condition, and check your temperature.

Patients who are having high temperature and/or other COVID symptoms (e.g. coughing) will not be permitted to enter our facility; no exceptions.

At Medicover Hospital Hungary, the wearing of face mask is mandatory. We provide this equipment if needed. We kindly ask you to use regularly hand sanitizers, placed all around the Hospital.


To keep our staff safe, before your preoperative examination and also before your surgery, we kindly ask you to take a COVID-19 PCR test, to check if you are not infected. This test is going to be taken at our Hospital, the day before your preoperative examination and repeated a day before your surgery.

Your Medical Tourism Manager will inform you about the details and book you an appointment for the tests.

As COVID-19 infects easily, please note that we cannot accept any previous COVID test results from other hospitals.

As part of your preoperative examinations, a chest CT scan is performed as well.


We know in-person visits provide support and reassurance for patients. However, we need to set up a special protocol for personal visits at our inpatient department as well to protect other patients and our medical staff.

Visitors and companions are allowed in our inpatient department only if they can provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test, taken at least a day before. The test is available in our Hospital, and the result will be ready in 1 day.

Visitors who are sick will not be permitted to enter our facility; no exceptions. Any visitor who is coughing or shows other signs of illness while in our facility will be asked to kindly leave the Hospital.

We limit the number of visitors for 1 visitor per patient. Visitors must be screened upon intake at the entrance and must wear face mask all times in our facilities. Please always follow the recommended hygiene protocol and refrain from touching common objects in waiting or patient rooms.

In order to make this special situation comfortable and safe for everyone, we encourage family members and friends to remain connected to their loved ones mostly virtually. We provide a stable WiFi connection with fast internet in every patient room.

What we do for your safety

Surgeries are prepared in close contact between the patient and the doctor, so we made special measures in our daily operation too, to minimize the possibility of any infection.

We want you to feel safe at our Hospital from the first time of entering the building until the left after the surgery. Therefore now we present to you how we contribute to your and our staff’s safety.


We know that now cleaning and disinfecting is the most important thing that we can do to make you feel safe at our Hospital. Therefore we created a special protocol for our high-level cleaning and disinfecting protocol.

The waiting rooms are ventilated continuously and disinfected every hour.

To make you feel comfortable and safe during your stay, we provide cleaning and disinfecting anytime you wish in your patient room.

Surgery rooms are cleaned and disinfected totally after every surgery, just as before. Our surgery rooms are all on a different floor, hermetically separated from the inpatient and outpatient departments. Only our medical staff enters here in a sterile gown.

Sanitizing station and plastic separator are installed to our reception desk, and we disinfect regularly pens and surfaces to make the check-in safe too.

Surgery room


We do our best to help you to keep a safe distance from others during your visit.

We maximized the number of patients in the waiting room in 4 persons, and we schedule the patients to not meet each other while waiting. Like this, you can easily keep 1,5 meters while waiting for your preoperative tests.

Our 1 bedded exclusive rooms with private bathroom provide you the possibility of perfect isolation during your stay.


Because of the close and sustained proximity to the patient, during the surgery, our medical staff is wearing special protective equipment. Approved n95 respirators and goggles are worn by the surgeon and the assisting staff, with isolation gown, surgical-grade nitrile gloves, and hairnet.


We placed informative signals and posters all around the Hospital to make you easier to follow the current hygiene rules. We hope these will help to provide guidance and answers to your questions when our staff may not available to address concerns.

Traveling to Hungary

If you are planning to travel to Hungary to have your surgery at Medicover Hospital Hungary, please always check your country’s Foreign Travel Office’s announcements on traveling advice. During the COVID pandemic, each country has different regulations on traveling abroad.

The Hungarian entry requirements can be checked here.

If you are interested in a personal quotation, feel free to send us your findings and anamnesis to and our Medical Tourism Managers will get in touch with you soon. If you accept our treatment offer, they will book your personal appointment as soon as it is possible.

Dear Customers,

we would like to inform you that our Clinics will be closed on August 20th and 21st.


Dear Customers,

we would like to inform you that our Clinics will be closed on August 20th and 21st.