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Gynecological surgery

We all know how important to look after our health and to treat the problems as soon as they occur. This is especially true for women, because gynecological issues are uncomfortable, not often talked about and some are dangerous.

Medicover Hospital offers a wide range of treatments with the help of experienced, professional doctors.

If you have symptoms either long term or acute, we suggest you to visit our gynecologists without much delay. Your doctor can diagnose the cause of your problems: he can treat you with medication or suggest you surgery.

Our hospital offers state-of-the-art technologies, high quality instruments. Most of the surgeries are available as an outpatient surgery, making the whole procedure more comfortable.

If you already have a medical report from other institutions please bring it with you, at a consultation we can evaluate them and recommend the right treatment for you.

What kind of Gynecological surgeries are available at our hospital?

Gynecological consultation

You need to undergo a thorough examination and consultation before any surgery in our hospital. During this examination your doctor can diagnose the illness or lesion causing your symptoms and based on this diagnosis he chooses the best way to perform the necessary surgical intervention on you.

In all cases it’s your gynecologist task to evaluate whether the surgery can be safely performed or not. He consults with an anesthesiologist doctor as well, to discuss the details of your anesthesia.

Prior surgery you’ll likely need to undergo bloodwork, ECG and chest-x-ray which helps your doctors decide about the treatment.

The required preparations for surgery (fasting or diet, medications etc.) are always discussed with you in time, so you would have time to arrange everything. We always make sure to answer any question you have.

Gynecological consultation

Most of the available treatments can be done laparoscopically in our hospital. This makes the surgery and the recovery time faster, and it allows doctors to cut smaller incisions on the abdomen avoiding larger abdominal surgical interventions, scars and pain.

Laparoscopic surgeries put a smaller burden on you and your body, they offer a more esthetic scarring process.

Unfortunately there are some situations where doctors can’t perform laparoscopic surgery, in these cases they need to opt for traditional abdominal surgery.

Rarely –despite the thorough examination prior treatment- there are cases where doctors find lesions in your abdomen during surgery which can’t be treated with laparoscopy. When this happens doctors perform a diagnostic laparoscopy and examine every abnormal growth. After surgery our doctors offer every information and support for you that’s necessary.

Our gynecological surgeons


Péter Sziller M.D.