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What to pack into your hospital bag?

What to pack into your hospital bag?

Most of us have visited hospitals. Or at least we have friends or family who had to pay a visit, so we know exactly what to (and what not to) expect. Lack of hygiene and equipment in the wards and common rooms, rooms full of people with zero privacy and no peace of mind. Doctors are rushing back and forth among hundreds of patients having little time to listen to us.

These circumstances demand at least 2 suitcase worth of clothes, sanitary products and personal items, even food if we don’t want to starve.

At Medicover Hospital Hungary you can have a completely different experience. You are treated with respect, your doctor dedicates significant time to you. Your recovery happens in exclusive hospital rooms which are fully equipped. Dietitians are taking care of your meals so you would get the perfect food that supports your healing.

Still you’ll probably feel better, if you bring your own personal clothes and items with you.

We compiled a list you could think about packing into your hospital bag if you come for a surgery or a treatment to Medicover Hospital Hungary.

Personal documents, diagnostic reports

It’s important to bring your personal documents (passport, ID card, anything you can prove your identity with) and your diagnostic reports from previous examinations. It’s smart to keep them in a folder where you or your doctor can access it easily.

Besides these you should have the phone number of a friend or family member so we could notify them if necessary about your condition, progression or treatment plan.


Medicover Hospital is fully equipped and every accessory and appliance is to serve your comfort. Nevertheless you might feel more pleasant if you have your own toiletries, hygiene products with you. Think about all the products you use in your everyday life: toothbrush and paste, comb, body lotion, deodorant. Anything you don’t want to go without.

Comfortable clothing

While in surgery you have to wear our sterile hospital gown of course, but for the rest of time you’re at Medicover Hospital you might want to wear your own, comfortable clothes.

Think of pieces you would wear on a lazy day, during the attack of the flu, laying at home.

We suggest bringing some sleepwear, T-shirt, sweat suit, a robe, shoe or slippers you could wear inside the hospital and sufficient amount of underwear.

Something to pass the time with

Everyone spends their free time differently. Most of us have at least some hobby either to kill the time or to be passionate something other than our routine days.

While being admitted to Medicover Hospital you can’t cook or do any DIY projects you still can devote time to reading a good book, doing crossword puzzles, knitting, watching a movie. Feel free to bring your phone, book, newspaper, tablet or laptop or any free time activity which is transportable easily.

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