Is cataract surgery painful?

Is cataract surgery painful?


What does cataract mean?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of your eye which may cause your vision to be blurry or misty. They appear as opaque, cloudy patches on your eye.

The problem usually appears at an older age, especially over 65, however being young doesn’t always mean you’re safe from it.

The only way to permanently and effectively reduce cataract symptoms and the cataract itself is surgery. Naturally, people are afraid of every surgical intervention, either because of the pain they might feel or the procedure itself, with its consequences.

Our next paragraph will explain the whether pain is a necessary evil that’s part of the treatment or not.


So is cataract surgery painful?

surgery of the eye might sound scary at first, but thanks to modern medicine it is quite a non-invasive procedure with zero to minimal pain felt.

For the whole duration of the surgery you’ll be awake and won’t be sedated. However before surgery you might receive medication to calm you down and reduce any stress or anxiety you have. You will also get painkiller eye drops to avoid any pain or discomfort you would feel.

With proper medication the likelihood of you feeling anything is very low. As the procedure doesn’t last longer than 10-20 minutes, you should not be worried about any inconvenience. After the procedure you’ll have blurred vision for a few days but you shouldn’t feel any pain.

We hope that this article assured you that there’s nothing to be afraid of. To learn more about cataract removal surgery click here.