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András Bálint M.D. PhD – Surgeon

András Bálint M.D

The well-known, highly educated expert, András Bálint M.D. is the member of our medical team since the establishment of the Hospital.

He has more than 35 years of professional experience in the field of surgery, specialized on minimally invasive surgical procedures. In our hospital 250-260 successful surgical interventions are performed by him annually.


He graduated from Semmelweis University, where he is working now as a medical tutor. Many scientific publications and articles are related to his name on surgical and gastroenterology topic.

Professional acknowledgements

His dedication and high-level professional work have been honored with several awards: in 2007 he was the “Doctor of the year”, which title is awarded by the nominations and votes of patients every year. As an acknowledgment of his professional work, he became the member of the Board of directors at the Hungarian Surgical Society and the Hungarian Gastroenterological Society.

What procedures does he practice at Medicover Hospital?

Our medical team was selected according to strict criteria to have highly trained, experienced professionals in our hospital for your disposal.

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