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Laparoscopic or open surgery for hernia repair?

Laparoscopic and open surgery for hernia repair

When is it needed?

When you have hernia it means, that a part of an organ (such as your bowel) exits the wall of the cavity, where it normally should be in.

Hernias can appear at several places of your body but it’s most common on the abdomen, especially in the groin area.

Children, elderly or people with obesity or muscle weakness have a higher risk for developing hernia.  Among symptoms you can experience pain but there are symptom and pain-free hernias as well. In this cases the only tell-tale sign is a growing, tender lump.

There are no non-surgical treatments available to cure hernias so the operation is the only way to get rid of any hernia. The longer you delay surgery the bigger it could grow, making the procedure more complicated and the recovery longer.

The aim of the surgery is always to restore your abdomen to the prior-hernia condition. However deciding between laparoscopic and open hernia repair is a difficult task and you should trust your doctor to make the right choice:

When is a laparoscopic hernia repair needed?

Usually hernias affecting the groin area (inguinal hernia) should be treated by laparoscopy. Especially:

  • Recurring inguinal hernias
  • Inguinal hernia on both sides
  • People who are athletes or blue-collar workers

If the abdominal hernia doesn’t exceed 10-12 cm in size, laparoscopic surgery is an option if the other circumstances allow it (patient’s health, previous surgeries, technical conditions)

Laparoscopic hernia repairs are always accompanied by the usage of titanium mesh. This supports the weak muscle wall and helps your body in preventing another hernia.

When is an open hernia repair needed?

  • Mostly in the case of ventral hernia doctors use open surgery
  • When certain conditions don’t allow laparoscopy like big size hernias, previous abdominal surgeries, other ongoing health issues, general health status

In case of open hernia repairs titanium mesh isn’t always used. This is always the doctor’s responsibility to decide.

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