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Consultation package

We offer consultation package for our patients

  • FREE one-night stay at our partner hotel just within walking distance from Medicover Hospital
  • FREE Airport Transfers
  • Consultation with your surgeon. Consultation fee is reimbursed if your surgery is carried out at Medicover Hospital
  • Flight Ticket reimbursed*

What to expect at Medicover Hospital?

Hundreds of satisfied patients are treated at our hospital each year, most of them come from abroad and choose the consultation package to have their medical procedures performed with the most advanced technology by our professional team.

What happens during a consultation at our clinic?

  • You meet your surgeon who – after having reviewed and evaluated your medical documentations including X-ray, CT and MRI scans – will examine you, focusing on your symptoms.
  • Our surgeon will consider and explain all your possible treatment options and – if necessary – advises you to have surgery.
  • If surgery is needed, you will get all the necessary information about the procedure including possible benefits, risks and aftercare.
  • In case surgery is necessary, you will then be referred for further examinations, such as:

blood test

• any other necessary examination, e.g. diagnostic imaging

consultation with your internist and anesthesiologist where our specialists examine you and evaluate your laboratory and other test results so that they can decide if your overall health condition allows you to undergo a surgery

The indicated consultation and exams normally take 1-2 days.

Please note that consultations with our internist and anesthesiologist, any indicated test or necessary examination prior to your surgery will be charged.

* Conditions for flight ticket reimbursement

If the total cost of your treatment exceeds the amount of € 4 000/£ 3 500 then your flight ticket will be deducted up to a maximum value of € 180/ £ 140 from the last installment of your treatment expenses.

Come and discover our modern Hospital in the heart of Budapest, Hungary!

Special offers

Cataract surgery

The cataract surgery is an extremely safe and very routine procedure.

750 € / 650 £

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT/EVLA)

We prefer laser surgery as the treatment for varicose veins because its smaller risk and faster recovery.

910 € / 790 £

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