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The most effective exercises after total knee replacement

Doing exercises to straighten the muscles of the knee and increase range of motion is essential after total knee replacement surgery.

Does cataract surgery correct your vision?

You might be wondering how the cataract removal affects your vision: Your quality of life can and will be improved, which leads to a life better lived.

Is cataract surgery painful?

A cataract removal surgery might sound scary at first, but thanks to modern medicine it is quite a non-invasive procedure with zero to minimal pain felt.

How does your doctor choose the right implant lenses for your cataract surgery?

Aim of the surgery is to restore your vision to the pre-cataract state with the right implant lenses.

What happens during laser vein surgery (EVLA)?

When you have varicose veins and they cause problems, often only surgery can help, but what happens during laser vein surgery (EVLA)?

Risks of anesthesia

Probably most of us feels frightened when an illness we have, requires surgical intervention. Now we try to dispel your fears about risks of anesthesia.

Laparoscopic or open surgery for hernia repair?

The aim is always to restore your abdomen to the prior-hernia condition. When is a laparoscopic hernia repair and when is an open surgery needed?

Laparoscopic or open gallbladder removal surgery?

Today WHO is launching their year-long campaign on the topic: depression. We, at Medicover would also like to draw Your attention to mental health issues.