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Types of knee prostheses

The knee is the most complex joint of the human body, therefore it is also the most vulnerable. When knee pain emerge, first conservative treatments are performed, but in case of a long, ineffective treatment period, the implantation should be considered. In this article, we present the types of knee prostheses and for what complaint is it recommended.

What type of varicose veins problem do you have?

When you have varicose veins and they cause problems, often only surgery can help, but what is the difference between conventional and laser surgery (EVLA)?

Symptoms and causes of Bartholin’s cyst

Under normal circumstances, the Bartholin's glands are not palpable, but inflammation of the glands results in pain, swelling and occasionally fever.

What is the difference between cervical conization and cryotherapy?

The hysteroscopic examination helps to obtain reliable information about the lesions inside the uterus.

When is hysteroscopy required?

The hysteroscopic examination helps to obtain reliable information about the lesions inside the uterus.

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence or involuntary urination is a condition, when leakage of urine occurs uncontrolled, which may have a large impact on quality of life. Despite the fact, that several treatments are available for the problem, only one in ten patients visit a urologist.

Causes and symptoms of hyperthyreosis

Thyroid dysfunction, also known as hyperthyroidism, occurs in the inadequate production of thyroid hormone - thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).

Hernia repair with mesh or without mesh?

Hernia occurs when an internal organ (such as a small part of the bowel) is removed from the cavity where it normally has its place.

What could cause an improperly chosen shoe?

A wrong shoe, beside the instantaneous pain and discomfort, could cause serious foot deformities on a long term. Our blog entry will help you how to choose the proper shoe to prevent bunion and hammer toe.

Numbness in the hands – symptoms of a tunnel syndrome

Several things could cause the weakness and numbness of the hands and the arms, from spinal disorders through vascular lesion to overdose. However, only a few people have heard about a common cause of these symptoms, the tunnel syndrome. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and the possible treatments of a tunnel syndrome.