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Can endometriosis cause infertility?

We talk about endometriosis when the mucous membrane surrounding the uterus is found outside of it. This may occur in the fallopian tubes, ovaries or pelvic wall lining tissues as well.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

The PCOS is an acronym for polycystic ovarian (ovary) syndrome, which is primarily an ovarian disease but may also involve several organs. Although the name refers only to the ovary, it requires complex treatment due to its wide range of symptoms.

The most common causes of female infertility

In medical terms, we talk about infertility when a woman has not conceived after 12 months of contraceptive-free intercourse.

The most effective exercises after total knee replacement

Doing exercises to straighten the muscles of the knee and increase range of motion is essential after total knee replacement surgery.

Condropathia – knee musculoskeletal complaints and solutions

Normally, the surface of the knee joint is highly resistant to high loads. However, if they have to withstand more than usual, the cartilage may soften.

Displaced patella (kneecap) – the knee musculoskeletal complaints and solutions

The displacement of the kneecap may be triggered by several factors, but the most typical reason is the overturning of the muscle balance around the knee.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the function of the digestive tract with chronic complaints such as abdominal pain, irregular secretion and bloating.

Breast cancer awareness month

Self-examination and regular mammography screening over the age of 40 is essential for the early detection of breast cancer

Injuries that may contribute to post traumatic knee arthritis

Post traumatic knee arthritis develops after a serious injury or trauma, such as ligament injury, bone fracture or meniscus tear.